Project Details

Date September 2018
Credits Lillian He
Martin Wzros
Anthony Mollica
Type Public
Program Breathing Space
Location The Goods Line, Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Event Competition (2 days)
Prize 3rd Place
Organisation Student Organised Network for Architecture (SONA)
Size 30 2002
Applications Rhino 5, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Powerpoint

Project Summary

The first words on the brief: ‘breathe in.’ This statement makes you realise that you take a breath in, and a breath out your entire life; except you rarely ever realise you do. You rarely ever stop to focus on these 2 actions, but instead, most of us live busy student lives and we fall into the flow - we stop taking moments to calm down, become overwhelmed and begin to take our wellbeing for granted.

Thus, by bringing back a focus on something as natural as breathing, ‘Tetris Hill’ aims to create a space that invites university students to ‘slow down’ in their daily routine of rushing to classes and submitting assignments. Sitting on a university site as a walkable hill covered in greenery, Tetris Hill creates a gradual, rather than a sudden transition into a breathable, natural, space.

Tetris Hill does this through mediating the number of external stimuli a student is exposed to by considering their senses. By playing with ambient light, vegetation sound-filters, curved vs hard edged architecture, Tetris Hill creates a condition in which the indoor breathes in the outdoor. The outdoor condition begins to act as an extended threshold to the indoor.


Programmatic Modular Variations


Body Position Modular Variations